Carla Sánchez Kist - Academic adviser Spain

Carla was born and raised in the Netherlands. She earned a master’s degree in Social Geography from Utrecht University, specializing in Urban Geography of Latin America and Geography of Tourism in Spain. She also studied Spanish for Business at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. She wrote her thesis in Mexico and studied in the US at the University of Texas in El Paso and has had a long career in internationalization of higher education.

Furthermore, Carla is an expert in the Spanish international education business. She has worked for the ERASMUS Bureau of the European Union in Brussels, the University of Gent in Belgium, the Santander Group of universities in Spain and for three Dutch universities.

More specifically, Carla has extensive experience in the field of international study and career guidance in higher education. She has worked in different roles with students at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Utrecht University, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht’, Ghent University, University Cantabria and the University of California. At the University of California she has worked for more than 10 years as a guidance counselor for UC students studying abroad at universities in the Netherlands. Her area of expertise is academic mentoring of both Dutch and foreign students; study advice, and guidance for international students; exchange students and the acquisition of skills needed in relation to intercultural communication.

Carla is married to a Spaniard and has two sons. She is a native speaker of Dutch, fluent in Spanish and English and has some basic German, French and Italian knowledge. She divides her time between the Netherlands and Spain.

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